Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion table therapy is for those with entrapped nerves of the spine, sciatic pain, very tight and/or rigid backs and also those with large muscular backs that are too big for many therapist's hands to be effective. With variations, dependent on individual's special needs, most treatments follow the one described below.

Once you are secured to the Inversion Table you are tilted down 45% or more and gently palpated to assay the condition of your back. Various types of electric massagers are used followed by manual gross manipulation of the back muscles.

You are then gently, rhythmically rocked with mild traction followed by mild compression followed by mild traction and so on for seven or eight minutes.

You are then secured in a more or less head down position and a combination of Trigger Point and Myofascial Release therapies will address your particular need(s) in detail.