I am currently teaching Traditional Thai Yoga Massage as it was taught to me at the Foundation of Shivakomarpaj at the Bantautuk Traditional Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The course is for Registered Massage Therapists and consists of five three-hour classes. I teach only two students per course and the fee of $75 per hour is split between them. You will receive a 36 page guide, that will give you a three-hour repertoire, and a video tape demonstrating a two-hour massage. A prerequisite to taking the course is receiving a two-hour Thai massage. You will receive 15 hours CEU upon completion of the course as I am a Massage Therapy Instructor (# MTI 01223). The only hard part of giving Thai massage is learning the choreography. Schedule a Massage with me to see if Thai massage is right for you. If you decide to take the course, half the massage fee will be credited to your course fee. Notice: this offer is subject to change.
posted by Raymond Core 11:40 AM

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